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The 14h Annual Walk & Roll for Disabilities will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 10:30 am at Oak View Mall, 2nd floor by the Food Court.


                                                       This event is presented by


                                 Honorary Family
April, Kenny, Kennedy, Kendall, Kenzie, Kenley Rocker




            Honorary Advocate 
      Jonathan Kempf and the 
         Kempf/Recker Family  


Michael V's Team - Captain: Vicky Vandervort

Michael has loved participating in MMI's Recreational Therapy program for over 20 years.  Participation for adults with disabilities is extremely curtailed compared to those under 21.  This fundraiser helps maintain and hopefully expand programs for the adults.  Michael has loved attending sporting events like Creighton and UNO basketball games, Omaha Beef, UNO Hockey and others.  He also enjoys going to a movie now and then.  This program is essential for people like Michael to get out with friends (away from parents) and do fun things.  We would appreciate your joining us on Michael V's Team and participating in the Walk & Roll event.  If you cannot attend, we'd appreciate any donation you can make!

Vicky, Bob, & Michael

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Vicky Vandervort
Jodie Johns
Michael Vandervort
Bob Vandervort
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