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 Albin Family: Russell, Cheri, Connor, Cadie and Chase Albin

This year’s honorary family is Russell, Cheri, Connor, Cadie and Chase Albin.  Russell works for Blue Acorn, out of the home.  Cheri work for the Douglas County Fiscal Administration.  Russell and Cheri love working out and maintaining healthy lifestyles. They both find a huge importance for health and wellness  and started a FIT-Ability Fitness Class for individuals with Special Needs for all ages.  Cheri is also involved in the community currently serving on the Autism Center of Nebraska, Inc. Board, Autism Center Human and Legal Rights Committee and on the Executive Committee at the Ollie Webb Center Inc.  Connor is the oldest child who is in his third year of  college at University of Nebraska at Lincoln studying Bio Medical Research Engineering. He works part time at Munroe Meyer Recreational Therapy Camps as a Recreational Therapy Technician.  Cadie is 18 years old, is outgoing and loves to try new things.  Cadie is very involved in social activities including Sparkle Cheer at Burke High School, Munroe Meyer Recreational Therapy Camp, Arnold Stern, Girls Group Ollie Webb Center Inc. Book Club, and Hip Hop Dance. Chase, 7, has also attended Munroe Meyer Recreational Therapy Camps, and spends his time coloring, reading books, labeling his world, counting and learning other languages.


Munroe Meyer has been a part of our family for nearly 13 years.  All of my children have been involved at some point either attending or working.  MMI continues in our life, with both Chase and Cadie having attended Winter and Theater Camp over the school break in December /January and now Saturday morning Recreational Therapy.  The teen activities Cadie has participated in have provided an opportunity to go out into the community and have some  awesome experiences such as attending a Katy Perry Concert and the Nutcracker.  In the future, Cadie will be able to attend some new programs to her such as Cooking and Wheel Club.  Both of these opportunities will provide Cadie with life skills she can use as she grows into adulthood. Our family looks forward to all the opportunities MMI has to offer our family for many years to come.

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