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                Rocker Family: April, Kenny, Kennedy, Kendall, Kenzie, Kenley

The Rocker family is thankful for the Munroe Meyer Institute (MMI) and all the programs they offer to children and young adults with different abilities.  Her parents, April and Kenny Rocker, heard about MMI from the Down Syndrome Super Moms and Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands group when they learned that their oldest daughter, Kennedy Rocker, had Down Syndrome.  They signed up for as many services available to support her in reaching all of her developmental goals like her typical peers.  Most were private services, so they were excited to hear about a great program that was free of charge, like MMI Scottish Rite Speech program.  Kennedy is their charming, caring, independent, helpful, fun-loving 8-year old daughter who is a 2nd grader at Swanson Elementary in the Westside School District and loves Camp Munroe...including getting a Wendy's frosty after the performance, which concludes the seasonal session!  Her three sisters Kendall (6) and 4 year old twins Kenzie and Kenley love cheering her on!  The MMI staff has watched Kennedy develop since she was two years old and is apart of the Rocker's family community that has been instrumental in helping with achieving her goals.  The Rockers look forward to the other programs they have as Kennedy becomes a young, smart, bold and beautiful lady!  They would like for other families to experience the same joy MMI has brought into their household!


Jonathan Kempf and the Kempf/Recker Family

Jonathan Kempf’s story with the Munroe-Meyer Institute begins with his late-2017 move to Omaha from Kansas City, where he lived all of his life.  However, his niece and three nephews had already volunteered and worked at MMI for several years, starting with Jake, then Rachel, then Joey and finally Thomas.  From the very beginning, they felt a special connection and love for the MMI participants and their families.

Flash forward to Jonathan’s move to Omaha and his immediate participation in the amazing and wonderful opportunities at MMI. His favorites are the Adult Rec Therapy Program, Garden Club, and Cooking Club.  Jonathan enjoys the ability to plant and harvest at Garden Club and loves to bake or cook with the fruits of his labor at Cooking Club. He especially enjoys when he gets to garden and cook with his niece and nephews! All of these clubs provide adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities, just like Jonathan, a chance to be members of a club and independently engage and explore the social, physical, and mental benefits. 

Jonathan is a man on the move, outgoing, friendly and you’ll rarely see him without a smile on his face!  Oh and by the way, Jonathan has Down syndrome, but this does not slow him down. He looks at his calendar everyday and he knows exactly what time each club or activity starts.  He waits with anticipation until it is time to go, so he can be with his new friends at MMI, including the kind, loving, motivating, and encouraging staff.

We are eternally grateful for the amazing programs and clubs at MMI. Our family story at MMI has come full circle. It started with volunteering, turned into working and has blossomed into Jonathan participating in the same programs and clubs his niece and nephews have volunteered in for years.  He was and continues to be our inspiration, with MMI providing a safe and marvelously fun environment for Jonathan and all children and adults just like him!


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