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The 14h Annual Walk & Roll for Disabilities will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 10:30 am at Oak View Mall, 2nd floor by the Food Court.


                                                       This event is presented by


                                 Honorary Family
April, Kenny, Kennedy, Kendall, Kenzie, Kenley Rocker




            Honorary Advocate 
      Jonathan Kempf and the 
         Kempf/Recker Family  


Team HGL - Captain: Diane Pickering
Team Goal

Team Donors
Pam Althof
Francie Rebolloso
Joanna Spaulding
Melonie & Doug Welsh
Diane Pickering
Sallie Zhang
The Kaspars and Levesques
Brenda Fleck
Team Registrants
Kim Wiechman
Pam Althof
Francie Rebolloso
Joanna Spaulding
Yuanyuan (Sallie) Zhang
Faith Wiechman
Bob Gilbert
Cathy Levesque
Becky Gilbert
Zeljka Korade
Melonie Welsh
Diane Pickering
Karoly Mirnics
Julia Ronspies
Marilu Nelson
Jacquelynn Evans
Jenna Nelson
Rachel Pickering
Denae Golden
Michelle Hess
Lauren Winkler
Kenneth Jackson
Chris Higgins
Ella Wiechman
Erin Kaspar
Carey Ronspies
Emma Mirnics
Sophia Evans
Quinn Sanmann
Jennifer Sanmann
Olive Velasco
Danita Velasco
Shannen Pickering
Jackie Hartfiel
Sean Hartfiel
Thank you to all our Sponsors!
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