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The 14h Annual Walk & Roll for Disabilities will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 10:30 am at Oak View Mall, 2nd floor by the Food Court.


                                                       This event is presented by


                                 Honorary Family
April, Kenny, Kennedy, Kendall, Kenzie, Kenley Rocker




            Honorary Advocate 
      Jonathan Kempf and the 
         Kempf/Recker Family  


Kennedy's Team - Captain: Kenny Rocker

The Rocker family is thankful for the Munroe Meyer Institute (MMI) and all the programs they offer to children and young adults with different abilities.  Her parents, April and Kenny Rocker, heard about MMI from the Down Syndrome Super Moms and Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands group when they learned that their oldest daughter, Kennedy Rocker, had Down Syndrome.  They signed up for as many services available to support her in reaching all of her developmental goals like her typical peers.  Most were private services, so they were excited to hear about a great program that was free of charge, like MMI Scottish Rite Speech program.  Kennedy is their charming, caring, independent, helpful, fun-loving 8-year old daughter who is a 2nd grader at Swanson Elementary in the Westside School District and loves Camp Munroe...including getting a Wendy's frosty after the performance, which concludes the seasonal session!  Her three sisters Kendall (6) and 4 year old twins Kenzie and Kenley love cheering her on!  The MMI staff has watched Kennedy develop since she was two years old and is apart of the Rocker's family community that has been instrumental in helping with achieving her goals.  The Rockers look forward to the other programs they have as Kennedy becomes a young, smart, bold and beautiful lady!  They would like for other families to experience the same joy MMI has brought into their household!

Team Goal

Team Donors
Ashlea Rocker
The Rocker Family
The Whited Family
The Betsworth Family
Jennifer Magilton
Janke family
The Rocker Family
The Griegers
Mary Beth Lakers
Jason Wendelin
Rocker Family
Jerry Wendelin
Mallory Jurgensen
Media Ajir
Jessie Wendelin
Team Registrants
Kari Veskerna
Kenzie Rocker
Izzy Matya
Doug Veskerna
Mariah Wendelin
Heidi Hansen
Landon Kroese
Mike Matya
Shawntell Kroese
Morgan Matya
Gina Wendelin
Hadley Kroese
Taina Evans
Karly Daniel
Jamie Wendelin
April Rocker
Henry Grieger
Paul Grieger
Jennifer Magilton
Aaron Evans
Piper Matya
Elizabeth Grieger
Allie Esch
Reese Pichler
Kenley Rocker
Mary Beth Lakers
Kendall Rocker
Tony Daniel
Jason Wendelin
Kenny Rocker
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Jerry Wendelin
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